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Masin, besides devoting himself to his career as an actor and director, has always been attracted by his passion for writing. In the beginning of his artistic career he starts writing drafts of screenplays, but he lacks of experience and technique, which later will come thanks to his dedication to the work and the study of well-known screenplays by some Italian authors -  such as Stefano Rulli and Sandro Petraglia -  as well as American authors.


Below, some of his screenplays’ titles: 


1999 Report of a Blackmail and The Prosecutor - Screenplay Review.

2000 The Knot a thriller-detective movie that tells the story of a journalist engaged in the investigation concerning the trafficking of organs of Brazilian children.

2001 Freedom Denied a film of the Social-Police genre. The plot is based on the story of a girl of Kosovan origins: after escaping from war, she is kidnapped by a criminal organization that manages the prostitution market in Italy.

2017 Contact Expedition 50 minutes (working title) a Docu-Film of the adventure genre and investigation of mysterious events, concerning the presence of alien underground bases. (work in progress).

2019/2020 Undercover Truth International Film of the Thriller-Fantasy genre (Pre-Production - Beginning as of September 2021).


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