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He was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), on March 15th 1958, from Italian immigrants. His father had Venetian origins and was an entrepreneur who owned a nightclub, La Biga (1962-1965), in the capital of Argentina, while his mother was an employee working for the Italian newspaper Corriere degli Italiani.   

During the years of primary school - at the Cristoforo Colombo Institute -  he enrolled in a sport club, where he began to practice several sports, an in particular, Judo (Martial Arts). This discipline will allow him, after years of constant training, to achieve the black belt of 1st Dan.

In those years, besides school and sport, Masin spends much of his free time in his father's club, attended at that time by many famous national and international show-biz personalities. Attracted since then by show business in general, after a scholastic theatrical performance, he discovered his strong passion for music and then for acting. He enrolled in a classical guitar course, but his musical tendency for Rock encouraged him to continue as a self-taught.

After completing the three-year course pf the secondary school, he continued his high school studies at the military geographical institute and graduated as a Technical Expert and Designer. But this is a professional title that he will never put in practice.

In 1977, he enrols at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he studies singing and acting. In the same year he makes his debut as an actor in an Argentine soap opera titled Time to live , produced by Canal 13 .    

In 1980 he moves permanently to Italy. A few months after his arrival, Masin participates in the TV drama One hour for you , a program thought for the Italians abroad and produced by RAI (Italian Radio and Television) in collaboration with RTSI (Radio of Italian Switzerland) .      

In 1986, the director Robert M. Young engages Masin as an actor for the movie Saving Grace, where Masin worked with Tom Conti, Edward James Olmos, Fernando Rey and Giancarlo Giannini.  

The following year he works by Pasquale Squittieri  in the movie The Invisibles .  

1989 is the turning point of his career: he becomes popular as an actor thanks to the interpretation of Marzio Alimenti in the successful Italian TV series The Octopus 4, directed by Luigi Perelli .   

In the following years he takes part in several international TV series such as Blue Blood (1988) by Sidney Hayers - where he worked together with Lauren Hutton, Fernando Rey, Rossano Brazzi, Capucine, Franco Nero - and in Death's a bad reputation (1990) by L. Gordon Clark with Elizabeth Hurley, Tony Lo Bianco and Pamela Villoresi.   

In the following years, he works both as a director and actor.

He stars in some episodes (almost always in the role of the villain) of numerous TV series, as The Team (2002), Police District 5 (2005) and RIS by Alexis Sweet (2005).      

In 2007 he plays the role of the deputy commissioner Sgravallo in Claudio Fragasso's film Milano Palermo - the return , while in The Last 56 hours ( where he is also the first assistant director ), he plays the role of General Merlo.    

In the Intelligence  (2009) by Alexis Sweet,  Masin is the main confidant of the secret services, while in the TV series Like a Dolphin (2011) he plays the role of Raoul Bova’s manager .    

Other participations:  Police District 11 (2011), The XIII th Apostle 2 (2013).  

In the same year (2013) he collaborates, as director’s first assistant, to the creation of the movie The Mafia Bookkeeper by Federico Rizzo, where he also plays the role of the FBI’s Chief. In the following year (2014) Masin is in the TV series Antimafia Team 6 as the Mexican drug dealer Miguel Laredo, and in the TV series Task Force 45 (2016), in the role of General Moretti. 

2010 - present
2010 - present
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